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Catherine Langridge

This Book
It is without doubt, there is some excellent practice and some excellent practitioners, who day to day ensure the children in their charge are cared for, supported, feel a sense of belonging and are enabled and empowered. It is also without doubt that these practioners might be operating in a system which is understaffed, underpaid, and over controlled. It could be argued that the system is only as good as the people in it, and thankfully most people choosing to work with children have a strong child centred approach and ethical values which are the cornerstone of their practice. Practioners understand the importance of supporting children to build and develop a positive strong self-image, confidence, willingness to make mistakes, resilience, friendship, relationships, and self-esteem. Indeed, developing communication, the ability to control and manage one’s emotions and interact effectively and appropriately with others, build a sense of belonging and community are all the foundations of a content and happy existence. Practioners believing in a humanistic approach understand that if all these attributes are in place, then a child can learn effectively, achieve their goals, and fulfil their potential, regardless of need, difficulty, ability, background, or any protected characteristic.
Practioners (teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, early years practitioners) strive for best practice and the chapters in this publication offer some insights into what is considered emerging trends in early childhood, whether it is through play and interaction with manipulatives and ‘areas’ in the classroom, developing language acquisition, examining how children interact with their ‘spaces’ or how cultural and social capital might support successful trajectories. Practioners are reflective, learn from each other, learn from best practice, and aim to have impact and make a positive difference to the development of children in the short time they have with them. The chapters included in this publication aim to open discussion and debate around emerging trends in early childhood education considering, examining, and questioning what is felt to be best practice to support children’s developmental growth, academically, morally, physically, socially and emotionally.
Chapters have been written by a range of experts and from an international perspective and consider how practitioners, can continually develop their practice, and support the holistic growth of children offering positive environments and wrap around support.  
Catherine Langridge
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Published: Thursday, 30 Nov 2023
ISBN: 978-1-914266-01-0
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