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Become an academic editor and make a contribution to your field of study. Our editors play a crucial role in our ability to publish and distribute top-quality academic research. They are the guardians of the high standards we aspire to. Their deep level of expertise in their respective fields is at the foundation of our commitment to champion scholarly work and remove the boundaries around knowledge.


Being an editor of a leading academic publishing house bolsters your qualifications and helps advance your career. You become a member of a large international network of academics, receiving the exposure as one of the leading authorities in your field.



The exposure that comes with the role of an editor can translate into new exciting opportunities as you gain access to a network of peers around the world. From identifying new fields of research to finding new collaborators, to learning of the funding opportunities you were not previously aware of – our editors are at the center of the buzzing community.



Being an editor means being a part of a team. We will provide you with the support that you need in the form of tools, resources, and people. You’ll be leading a team of dedicated professionals – your authors and assistants – towards the shared goal of broadening and deepening the knowledge and information-sharing in your field.



The direction that research in your field takes is shaped by numerous forces – world events, research trends, funding opportunities, and, of course, the people in academia. As an editor, you will help shape the global discourse in your field and contribute to pushing it forward.
There are numerous benefits to being an editor with Proud Pen. In addition to the prestige and recognition that comes with this role, you will become a member of an international community of academics, policymakers, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders. The open-access model of Proud Pen means that the books and papers that you edit will be consumed by a significantly larger audience. Your contribution is what makes it possible for knowledge to be shared without borders and restrictions. You will work with some of the brightest minds in your field, helping them shape and refine their research, ensuring its relevancy, and constantly pushing the standards of quality to the new levels. Aware of the importance of this role, we will provide you with all the necessary resources and support that you need. This includes access to our digital technologies and a dedicated assistant, who will provide you with all the necessary help.
The open-access model of our publishing house means that anyone with a computer or a mobile phone and an internet connection can access, download, and print the academic work that we publish free of charge. As such, there is no monetary compensation provided to the editors. However, your contribution is rewarded in numerous other ways. That includes access to software solutions that will allow you to save valuable time during the editing process, the prestige that comes with being an editor of a leading academic publication, the sense of achievement that comes with seeing a published book, and more. Our editors are committed to making an active contribution to their fields of study. They see this role as an opportunity to help shape the global discourse and make knowledge accessible.
As an editor, your overall responsibility is to safeguard the quality standards we have put in place. As such, you will help authors define the scope and depth of their work, ensuring the topic’s relevance and adherence to quality standards. You will enforce the principles of academic integrity by screening the submitted work for plagiarism and scientific merit. You will provide your authors with feedback, evaluate their findings, and request the changes that you believe will strengthen the work. Finally, within your scope of responsibilities, you will be writing and editing the introduction, preface, and the text for the front and back covers of the final published work.
Each manuscript is assigned at least one editor. However, we do not impose strict limits on the number of editors as long as such editorial cooperation does not impede the process. In fact, we believe that there are numerous benefits to co-editing, including higher diversity of opinions and expertise. Therefore, you are free to enlist your colleagues and peers in your academic network to join as co-editors.
Our editors often feel inspired by the work they are editing. It, therefore, comes as no surprise when an editor expresses interest in making a larger contribution to the book or manuscript they are assigned to. One of your responsibilities as an editor is to write the introductory chapter and the summary text that goes on the front and back covers of the manuscript. However, you can also co-author a chapter. In this case, the work will be assigned to an external reviewer and is subject to the same strict screening for authenticity and academic integrity. Furthermore, you will be required to pay the Open Access Publishing Fee, as outlined by our fee policies. This fee allows us to provide all editors and reviewers with the resources needed to ensure the high standards of quality of all published work, which is then made accessible free of charge.
become an academic editor
Proud Pen is a premier platform committed to advancement of global knowledge-sharing and collaboration by organizing impactful international conferences and facilitating Open Access publication in partnership with the brightest minds across a variety of disciplines.



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