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Why Publish Your Book Open Access

You have spent years of your academic career painstakingly researching a subject, identifying patterns, uncovering hidden insights, and organizing volumes of information into chapters. Your work deserves to get as much exposure as possible. Open access book publishers remove the monetary barriers, allowing people from every part of the world to read your work. Open access is how you maximize the impact of your work.

Open access books get 6.5 times more downloads than subscription-based books

Open access books get cited  50% more often than subscription-based books

Open access books get mentioned online 10 times more than subscription-based books

About US

Proud Pen is a premier online academic publishing house. We strongly believe that knowledge makes the strongest difference when it is shared, discussed, challenged, and built upon. That’s why we publish all our books open access.

We strive to facilitate a global discourse that will inspire and motivate. We publish academic books that shed light on diverse opinions and expand our understanding of the world around us.

To ensure the highest level of quality, we employ the peer review process, working with distinguished experts in the field.

Our Pen Access Publishing Services

We publish open access books in the following fields:

  • STEM – Science, technology, engineering, and medicine
  • HSS – Humanities and social sciences

We welcome submissions from individuals and institutions for publication of work in one of the three formats:

Publish an open access book
Submit a book proposal and our editors at Proud Pen will review and evaluate your submission for compliance with our quality and focus requirements. Once published, your book will be accessed by hundreds of thousands of readers around the globe.
Publish an open access chapter
You don’t have to publish your book in its entirety. Submit a chapter you’d like to publish and have it read and shared by our global network of users. Strengthen your status as a subject matter expert.
Publish an open access compact
Is your work longer than a chapter, but shorter than a book? We are delighted to publish it as a Proud Pen Compact. We will make sure it receives the same exposure as all the other work that we publish. Take advantage of our open access and share your findings with people all over the world.

Why Pick Us as Your Open Access Book Publisher

Open Access books
Exponentially increase the reach of your work
Due to our open access model, the research that we publish has the capacity to reach a significantly larger audience. It is also more likely to be referenced and shared online. All works published by Proud Pen are indexed by the relevant abstracting & indexing services.
Receive unbiased feedback
Each book, chapter, and compact undergoes a rigorous peer review process as part of our unwavering commitment to quality. Your submission will be reviewed by accomplished subject matter experts. This will allow you to not only improve your work but benefit from the credibility that comes with such scrupulous quality control processes.
Retain the copyright of your work
All open access books, chapters, and compacts are published under a Creative Commons license, giving you, the author, full copyright. While the license allows for the open sharing and usage of your work, it keeps it protected through the strict rules on plagiarism and citation.

Publishing Open Access Books – Our Process

Peer review
To ensure the high quality of each work published by Proud Pen, each submission undergoes a peer review process. This both guarantees the substantive quality of work and protects editorial decisions from undue influences.
Zero tolerance for plagiarism
We cherish and protect the value of original thought. As such, each submission is checked for plagiarism using reputable software solutions. Detection of plagiarism results in an automatic rejection of the submission.
Digital technologies
We utilise online tools to communicate and work with our authors. As a result, we are able to publish our authors’ work significantly faster than traditional publishers by
Multiple digital layouts
The online nature of our publication allows us to publish work in a range of layouts while maintaining the consistency of style.
Indexing and abstracting services
We ensure that every book published by Proud Pen is properly indexed and abstracted with relevant bibliographic databases.
How does it work? strong Open access book in 6 steps


Submit your proposal


Wait to hear the decision from our editorial team


Adjust your proposal based on the feedback


Work with your editor on developing the book


Make final adjustments


Get published

Publish Open Access with Proud Pen

We are delighted to invite you to submit your work for publication with Proud Pen. We welcome submissions from scholars and researchers from both within and outside academia in a wide range of areas. Our authors retain copyright.
Share your knowledge and hard work with an engaged global community. Submit your proposal now!

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