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Catherine Langridge

I have a passion for equality and inclusion which led me to diversify from my mainstream teaching career and work with disadvantaged young people, either with Special Educational needs and/or pronounced and multiple learning difficulties and those out of main stream education. This included, young offenders in the justice system, those excluded from main stream or pupil referral units, children in care or those working through mental or physical illness. My Masters dissertation focussed on the learning trajectories of non-traditional students. My research interest is in all aspects of social cohesion, social mobility, behaviour, SEND, inclusion and equality. I have presented at a number of conferences on subjects including, Children who are looked after, Working in alternative settings, The trajectories of non-traditional students, Using multi-sensory teaching and alternative assessments to support Dyslexic learners, Using technology to support independent learning in Mathematics with a focus on children with SEND. Catherine currently delivers modules and is module lead on Children and Young Peoples Learning and Development, and Teaching Learning and Child Development programmes.

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