Open access publishing models do not charge users a subscription fee. Anyone with a computer or a mobile device and an internet connection can access academic work. Open access sponsorship would allow us to reduce or, in some instances, completely remove the Open Access Publication Fee. You can sponsor either via a blind trust, which will give us the authority to decide which publications the funds are allocated towards or by sponsoring authors within your institution. Please note that sponsorship of any kind does not grant institutions the power to control which submissions get accepted. It also does not grant the permission to interfere with the peer review or editorial processes.
open access sponsorship


An increasing number of academic institutions use open access models to publish high-quality peer-reviewed academic work. This type of support makes a difference. You are proactively pushing your fields of study into the future by allowing significantly more people to access the knowledge. You can make a real impact on a global scale.


Proud Pen is an independent open-access publisher. We have a wide distribution channel and employ a team of dedicated marketing specialists to ensure the wide reach of all published work.
We ensure that each book, compact, and a book chapter that we publish undergoes a single- or double-blind peer-review process.
We are strong supporters of academic integrity and enforce it through our policies and procedures.

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Proud Pen is a premier platform committed to advancement of global knowledge-sharing and collaboration by organizing impactful international conferences and facilitating Open Access publication in partnership with the brightest minds across a variety of disciplines.



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