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Selecting the right publisher is a crucial step. You want to make sure your research reaches as many people as possible, your publisher has a reputation for excellence, and your rights as the author are protected. That’s why Proud Pen is the perfect book chapter publisher for you.

Here is why we are the open access publisher of choice for so many authors:

  • Your research will receive wide exposure due to the open access that we provide to our users. No subscription fees are required to access, download, and share the work that we publish.
  • You will receive unmatched professional support from our editorial staff, reviewers, and marketing and customer service teams
  • You will enjoy the prestige that comes with having your book or chapter published by a reputable publishing house
  • You will retain copyright under the Creative Commons license
  • You will receive recognition for your work and contribution, which will further aid your career and facilitate funding opportunities for future projects

Publish a whole book, a chapter, or a compact

Publish an open access book or book series

Having spent months, if not years, researching and developing your book, make sure it receives the exposure it deserves by publishing it open access with us. Become a part of the global discourse and allow your book to make a real impact on the way your field moves into the future.

Publish an open access chapter or compact

Make an active contribution to your field of studies by publishing a scientific book chapter or compact (a manuscript that is longer than a chapter, but shorter than a book). Reach hundreds of thousands of readers, get cited, and have your work shared by peers around the world.

We publish open access books and chapters in the following fields:

  • STEM – Science, technology, engineering, and medicine
  • HSS – Humanities and social sciences
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Our open access publishing house strives to the highest standards of quality. That is why each submission that receives a positive decision from our editors undergoes a peer review process. The process ensures that the work submitted adheres to our standards of quality and covers a relevant topic. Read More

All work published by Proud Pen can be accessed, downloaded, and shared by anyone. All you need is a mobile device or computer and an internet connection. We make knowledge accessible. The Open Access Publishing Fee allows us to cover the publication costs, and provide our staff and authors with the tools needed to publish and distribute high-quality academic work. Read More

Submission of a manuscript entails that the work has not been published previously nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the contents to have the prior written consent of the organization/person where/by whom the work was carried out. Read More

Proud Pen publishes all books, chapters, and compacts open access. This means that readers are not required to pay a subscription fee or register in order to read, download, or share the published work. This model makes knowledge accessible and exponentially increases the visibility of our authors’ work. Read More

Simple online submission

Peer review

Speedy publication

Prompt communication

Extensive reach

Enjoy the unique benefits of open access book publishing

Subscription-based books severely limit their accessibility. Open access publishing overcomes this limitation. Anyone with a computer or mobile device and internet connection will be able to read, share, and download your book or chapter.

We utilise our decades of marketing experience to ensure wide distribution of your work.

By publishing your book or chapter with us, you will be at the forefront of global discourse. You will become a member of an extensive community that believes in the principle of removing limitations around knowledge.

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