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Our open access publishing house strives to the highest standards of quality. That is why each submission that receives a positive decision from our editors undergoes a peer review process. The process ensures that the work submitted adheres to our standards of quality and covers a relevant topic.

Our reviewers are subject matter experts with extensive experience who have undergone a strict screening process. Your work will be assigned to two or more reviewers who specialize in your field. Their feedback is crucial in helping us decide whether your submission should be published, further adjusted, or rejected. Some of the submissions that are rejected by the reviewers will be invited for re-submission upon delivering major modifications.

open access publishing
open access publishing

Open access publishing maximises the exposure of your work. Anyone with access to the internet will be able to read, download, and share your manuscript. Open access academic work gets mentioned online 10 times more than those accessed via a subscription. It is also cited, on average, 50% more than the work published with restrictive access.

Proud Pen is a premier platform committed to advancement of global knowledge-sharing and collaboration by organizing impactful international conferences and facilitating Open Access publication in partnership with the brightest minds across a variety of disciplines.



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