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Leading Event Organizer and Open Access Publishing House

Proud Pen is dedicated to advancement of global knowledge-sharing and fostering collaboration by organizing events and conferences and publishing open access books. Our primary objective is to facilitate global knowledge sharing and promote a deeper understanding among academics and individuals who share a passion for scientific knowledge.

At Proud Pen, we take pride in organizing a diverse range of international conferences to cater to the needs of academics, educators, researchers, students, and professionals from various fields. We actively seek partnerships with the brightest minds across multiple disciplines to ensure we provide the most enriching experiences for our participants.

Proud Pen goes beyond the organization of conferences and events, actively expanding its influence through the publication of books, proceedings, and monographs. In addition, we establish collaborative partnerships with esteemed global publishers to ensure the wide dissemination and acknowledgment of the significant contributions made by participants in our conferences.

Proud Pen is founded on the principle of accessible knowledge. We do not charge subscription fees for our published materials. Anyone with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection can access, download, and share the high-quality scholarly work that we publish as books, conference proceedings, journals or monographs.

Join us at Proud Pen Conferences dedicated to fostering innovation, sharing cutting-edge ideas, and connecting with industry experts.

Our Mission

Champion scholarly work and remove the boundaries around knowledge





We accept submissions in a wide range of areas across 25+ subjects in the following fields

Our open access publishing model allows us to distribute the academic world to anyone, anywhere in the world. We do not collect subscription fees, which means your published work is seen, shared, and quoted by a significantly larger audience. Your work makes a bigger impact than if it were to be residing within the confines of a subscription model.
Our top priority is to ensure the high quality of all the academic work that we publish. That’s why we have set up a process that is both robust and transparent. Each submission is first screened by an editor, who determine the originality and topicality of the work.

Successful submissions are then assigned to reviewers. They employee a single- or double-blind method to evaluate the work for its quality, completeness, and impact. Submissions are assigned to reviewers with a documented track record of expertise in the subject matter. Peer-reviewed work is recognized internationally as more reliable, objective, and trustworthy.
We utilize the latest digital tools to assist our editors, reviewers, and authors. Every single step on the journey of publishing a book is completed online. All books are published digitally. However, the authors and their research institutions can request and purchase the books in hard copies.
Our marketing team of specialists runs books’ distribution campaigns the moment they get published. We use a variety of channels – social media, email marketing campaigns, referral marketing, and indexing services – to consistently grow our network and expose more readers to the published manuscripts.
Whether you are submitting a proposal or working with your editor on exchanging feedback, we ensure a smooth customer experience. Our support team will assist with any technical issues. Our editors have dedicated assistants who coordinate with the authors and keep them up to date.
Open access publishing
Proud Pen is a premier platform committed to advancement of global knowledge-sharing and collaboration by organizing impactful international conferences and facilitating Open Access publication in partnership with the brightest minds across a variety of disciplines.



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