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Mircea Udrescu

ProDr. Mircea Alecsandru Udrescu Born in 1950, specialized in military sciences and economics fields, being a graduate of the National Defense University „Carol I” in Bucharest and, respectively, of the Timisoara University, Economics of Industry, Construction and Transport. In the military field, held positions of responsibility that have focused, at various levels, on logistics management within military organizations. In the field of military education, his evolution is from assistant professor to doctoral professor, being in charge of the Logistics Department within the National Defense University „Carol I”, as well as in The Management School of Logistics Applications. Since 2005, is a PhD. professor at Artifex University from Bucharest, being involved in research fields as marketing management and organizational behavior. Actively participated in national and international conferences and symposia with communications and interventions that have focused on my broad area of concern. Is the author and co-author of 24 textbooks and books and numerous articles. Is co-author of the books: Logistical conditioning in the era of globalization, Companies Logistics subsystems, Management Systematization, marketing and sales. Is a full member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists.

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