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With the help of leading scholars and top-notch services, Proud Pen is committed to unlocking the value of open academic peer-reviewed research and generating major scholarly research output in the form of open access books and monographs.

Benefits of Publishing an
Open Access Book or Monograph

To publish academic book and contribute to global dissemination of open access knowledge, trust Proud Pen. Anyone, regardless of geography or background, may freely access scholarly research thanks to Proud Pen, a publisher of Open Access books and monographs. Our peer-reviewed publications aid in knowledge sharing acceleration and ensure that the most recent advances in research are widely disseminated.

Open Access lets you reach a worldwide audience

You can publish your study with Proud Pen, and readers from all around the world will have access to read it. Use our cutting-edge services to guarantee that the proper people notice your work and that it has an influence on the globe.

Widen your scientific circles with Proud Pen

You may widen your scholarly networks and establish new multidisciplinary partnerships by publishing your work with Proud Pen. As a worldwide scientific publisher, we are dedicated to delivering substantial peer-reviewed academic work in the form of books and monographs through creative and excellent services.

Maintain ownership over your published work

To ensure that your study is yours alone, Proud Pen gives you a special possibility to retain your copyright. You can reach the largest audience possible and guarantee that your research is viewed and shared thanks to our Open Access publication policy.

Publish a Monograph and Get a unique ISBN and DOI

Publish your Books and Monographs faster and more effectively with Proud Pen. Get a unique ISBN assigned to your book and benefit from electronic citation via DOI – making your work easily searchable and citable. With no delays, you’ll be able to get your groundbreaking work out faster than ever!

Printed books

Get physical copies of your published Proud Pen book delivered to your doorstep. Proud Pen is pleased to increase writers’ access to hard-copy books because we recognize their value.

Suggest your content in e-Book or hard copy to Libraries

Having your book published with Proud Pen, you will be able to suggest your e-book or hard copy to the library of your academic institution and expand the network of your readers.

Publish academic book and have it globally disseminated

Your published book or monograph will be introduced through multiple channels of Proud Pen. Every new title features prominently on the Proud Pen website and is marketed via our social media channels and newsletters.

Free typesetting and cover design

Proud Pen offers typesetting, proofreading, and cover design services for all submissions.

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Uncover the power of Open Access and explore a new world of knowledge.

How to Write a Book
or Monograph from Your Research Report

Authors are encouraged to expand their research papers or compile their works into a book so that readers may take advantage of these scientific discoveries as a whole.


To properly convert your research works into a book or publish a monograph, follow our suggested process.

Monograph Publication Fees

There is no cost to submit a monograph, and the Monograph Processing Fee (MPC) is only applied when the work is accepted. All publication-related costs, including hosting files, copyediting, organizing peer reviews, updating websites, etc., are covered by MPCs.

Before the monograph can be published in Proud Pen, the fee must be paid. The processing fee guarantees that your monograph will always be freely available online through a Create Commons license.



Publication Services include :

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Proud Pen is a premier platform committed to advancement of global knowledge-sharing and collaboration by organizing impactful international conferences and facilitating Open Access publication in partnership with the brightest minds across a variety of disciplines.



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