La Résilience Socio-Économique et L’Adaptation Entre Covid-19 & Risques de Guerre

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Faced with the threats of human beings and the nature that harbors them, resilience is born, first as a concept, then in theory, then as practices throughout the world as part of a sustainable development program local, national and global.

This book tackles the subject of resilience in a deeper way (methodologically and practically) starting from the illumination of the meaning of the concept and the multiple definitions until the presentation of research & development on resilience in the current state of globalization.

The book contains fifteen chapters, presented in methodological order: the concept and definitions of resilience; sheds light on the origins of the concept of resilience; explains the reality of resilience in the world; describes the areas and dimensions of resilience; illustrates types of resilience; highlighting the theory of resilience and its conceptual framework; presents models of resilience; shows how to build organizational resilience; approaches resilience as : a key to transition initiatives and a tool for regional development; addresses human security, resilience vs. sustainable development; presents socio-economic resilience and adaptation vs. Covid-19 in the West; addresses socio-economic resilience and adaptation vs. the risks of wars in dictatorial countries in the Middle East; developed resilience in practice; shows how to measure and assess resilience; proposes the state of research & development on resilience; Finally, the book offers a practical model to be applied on resilience.

It is a book that offers additional scientific contributions on the subject of resilience.

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Published: Sunday, 15 Nov 2020
ISBN: 978-1-8381524-9-9
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Open access peer-reviewed
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